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DebtTrader combines industry expertise with compliance and technology to provide you with what it takes to transact sales competitively while maintaining regulatory control.

No place on earth has more certified debt buyers ready to bid to win your distressed accounts. Our unique online marketplace lets you instantly find qualified buyers all competing for your portfolios.

A Debt Broker DebtTrader
An Aimless Search
Mass emails, referrals, sending files to unknown buyers followed by a slow and onerous due-diligence process.
A Bustling Marketplace
The largest network of prevetted and certified debt buyers nationwide. List and review bids with a click of the mouse.
Excel spreadsheet, SFTP sites, hard docs, emails and phone calls.
Secure, Online
Secure file storage, file transfer and sensitive data masking ensures safe passage of sensitive data.
No online platform results in time-consuming delays, limited clarity and zero transparency.
Control at Every Step
Manage your portfolio sale, bidding, due-diligence, contracts and funding all online. After the sale, manage every aspect of post-sale online, too.

Step by Step: Selling on DebtTrader

Our experienced Portfolio Sales team works with the various departments in your company to onboard and set-up templates, upload surveys and provide the necessary access to handle each stage of portfolio sales and post-sale management. Better yet, after your first sale you can automate your monthly charged-off debt sales and manage each sale online in 6 easy steps.


Load & Scrub Your Portfolio

Upload your portfolio online using either a standardized template or via a pre-mapped custom template.

Once loaded, DebtTrader will let you review and edit your portfolio and bring attention to format errors and data warnings.

Once your review is complete, DebtTrader will scrub your portfolio with a waterfall of national databases to remove ineligible accounts, a process that takes minutes and saves countless post-sale hours. Once you're ready, choose auction days and hit “List.”


Market Your Portfolio

Sit back and watch DebtTrader market your portfolio to the largest nationwide network of certified buyers. Buyers login and securely review your portfolio and the deal packet for underwriting and pricing, never unmasking your data for bidding purposes.


Review Buyers and Their Bids

Choosing the right buyer is more than who offered the best price. Compliance is a vital part of the bid selection process.

DebtTrader gives you everything you need to decide the second the auction closes. Review buyer's bids, terms of agreement, buyer/agency complaint ratio and even download a complete due-diligence packet, all electronically and in real‑time.


Run Pre-sale Scrub

Once you have awarded your portfolio, DebtTrader gives you tools to remove accounts that have changed status by running a final scrub prior to sale agreements being formed. This processes significantly reduces post-sale buy backs and ensures accounts are removed and/or rerouted.


Execute and Confirm Funds

Electronically negotiate and execute purchase and sale agreement online. Once agreements are mutually executed, seamlessly receive direct funding from the buyer to your account. You can confirm funds and release the final sale file securely, all at


Post-Sale Management

With our groundbreaking transaction management system, you can track, manage, or recall accounts with the click of a mouse or by uploading a batch securely.

Whether you're submitting a buy back request, consumer complaint for investigation, responding to a media request, reviewing chain of title or reviewing agency concentration, DebtTrader gives you unparalleled real‑time control and oversight.