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DebtTrader, founded in 2011, is a pioneer and innovator in the receivables management industry. Our online debt marketplace empowers creditors & issuers to liquidate their defaulted and charged-off accounts while managing the entire process, including post-sale, through a single turn-key solution.

DebtTrader is fueling a major technological shift that strengthens compliant and competitive partnerships between sellers, buyers, and collection agencies. This technology simplifies the sales process by minimizing the time it takes to obtain bids, complete due-diligence, secure funding, and manage post-sale requests from certified compliant companies.


At DebtTrader, our leadership team includes highly experienced professionals responsible for implementing the company's strategic initiatives.

Matthew Wratten

President & Chief Executive Officer

Allen Abbott

Chief Operating Officer

Jenn Wilson

Chief Compliance Officer
Daniel Green

Daniel Green

Chief Marketing Officer

Cassandra Hayden

Chief Customer Officer

Renato Marteleto

Chief Technology Officer


DebtTrader was founded on the belief that there MUST be a better, safer and more compliant way to buy and sell debt. As it turns out, there wasn’t…so we created it. In doing so, we have started to transform the debt buying/selling space into one that starts with making sure the individual consumer is protected. While we are B2B, the original "Why" was very much focused on our clients' consumers. By creating a service offering that helps to ensure the security of consumer data and adherence to well-established laws we have directly led to a significant decrease in consumer complaints for both buyers and sellers. Fewer consumer complaints can be directly tied to DebtTrader’s protection of consumer PII, perpetually updated chain of title, post-sale task and conflict resolution, annual reviews of client licensure and regular on‑site audits.

The by-product of DebtTrader's focus on improving the individual consumer's experience is an environment where legally compliant issuers and buyers can know they are operating on a level and safe playing field. We take great pride in knowing that our service is helping to make the debt sale space better for Main Street consumers and business who are interested transacting business in "a better way."

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