Why: We Believe

DebtTrader was founded upon the core belief that all of participants in the financial services eco-system should be treated fairly and with respect. To date, we have provided solutions to clients across North America, helping them elevate standards and safeguards for over 10 million of their accounts.

Who: Your Partner

Our professional services and state-of-the-art cloud-based platform have helped connect hundreds of likeminded organizations, who all share a commitment to highest standards of professionalism in the receivables management industry. We enable financial services companies to achieve their receivables management goals by monetizing their underperforming accounts. Our sellers are empowered to manage the entire sales process, including unparalleled post-sale oversight for the life of the accounts. That’s right- unlike our competitors, DebtTrader is there even after the sale is complete, ensuring that the post-sale reality matches your pre-sale expectations, and the compliance standards we hold so dear.

How: The Tech

DebtTrader is creating industry change through a technology-based approach that strengthens compliance and competitive partnerships between sellers, buyers, and their collection agencies. We operate as one collective solution, offering advice, insight, and guidance, both pre- and post-sale. DebtTrader technology simplifies the process by streamlining due diligence, bidding, and post-sale management. Our platform gives clients access to industry leading intelligence, resulting in unparalleled client oversight and control over their transaction, With DebtTrader, monetizing receivables has never been safer or more compliant.

Matthew Wratten

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

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Jenn Wilson

President & Chief Compliance Officer

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Renato Marteleto

Chief Technology Officer

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Cassandra Hayden

Executive Vice President of Operations

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Daniel Green

Chief Revenue Officer

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