Loan Liquidation & Lifetime Portfolio Management.

Securely & Competitively Sell Your Debt. We Know Compliance.

DebtTrader is the safest & smartest way to liquidate non-performing accounts. We reduce the risk to your Institution’s reputation through our high standard of Compliance with our Pre-vetted Network of Certified Buyers, on our state of the art platform.

Let us show you how we ensure your Portfolio will be handled with the highest standard of Compliance through the life of post-sale.


Consumer Loans

Commercial Loans


Bankruptcy Accounts

Judgment Accounts

Experience The DebtTrader Difference

  • The Largest Certified Buyer Network & Exchange (DTX)

    DebtTrader is the only Sale Advisor with a pre-vetted and certified buyer network. DebtTrader’s experienced portfolio sales advisors will work with you to develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that ensures you maximize the net value of your receivables with our bustling online marketplace.

  • Universal Due Diligence (UDD)

    Our UDD process provides you with complete due diligence ensuring that every bid is accompanied by a complete compliance packet. Our unrivalled buyer compliance platform and real-time buyer compliance overview ensures absolute clarity on every sale.

  • Post-Sale Compliance Platform (PSC)

    A first of its kind account oversight platform. Our PSC ensures real-time oversight, trending analysis and the tools to act promptly when compliance alerts are triggered. Our technology and dedicated compliance managers aid financial services companies in reducing consumer complaints and regaining control.

  • Post-Sale Processing Platform (PSP)

    Prompt and efficient post-sale management makes processing put backs, media requests and information updates simple. DebtTrader’s PSP is the only online Post-Sale platform and the most efficient way to process post sale, even in bulk.

  • DebtTrader’s buyer complaint ratio (BCR)

    By tracking all complaints internally, we can provide issuers with a level of transparency unseen elsewhere in the industry. When a buyer places a bid on a portfolio, the seller reviews the Buyer’s BCR to help determine to whom the sale is awarded. With this level of oversight, buyers and agencies work portfolios acquired on DebtTrader with more diligence and attention than those bought elsewhere.

Why Should I Sell With DebtTrader?

Unmanaged debt sale transactions can result in complaints to the CFPB, heavy penalties, brand damage and loss of consumer trust. The problem in a traditional, unmanaged, debt sale begins with the transactional nature of most sales – there are no controls or visibility over how accounts are collected upon post sale. DebtTrader mitigates this risk by managing both pre and post-sale compliance and complaint activity for the life of every account in the portfolio. This results in a significant reduction in account complaints over traditional direct-to-buyer and broker led transactional sales.

DebtTrader has created an industry-leading standard of regulatory, security, and legal compliance rules. Coupled with a vigorous and exhaustive certification process with heavy ongoing oversight, Buyers and Agencies within the DebtTrader network are held accountable to these standards. Issuers who once refrained from selling debt now feel comfortable to do so with DebtTrader’s Universal Due Diligence, certification, and compliance.

We designed our certification program to ensure that the DebtTrader network consists of companies that are committed to doing business compliantly. Our platform gives issuers command of how their accounts, consumers, and data are treated once a portfolio is sold. Risk mitigation is at the core of everything we do. For this reason, all buyers and agencies must complete our rigorous annually recurring certification process before being permitted to participate in the DebtTrader network.

Most consumer complaints stem from a lack of oversight and control during and after the debt sale process. We created a highly monitored and controlled environment to ensure complete oversight and accountability post-sale. Our dedicated compliance team helps provide a thorough investigation and remediation process to resolve all consumer and regulatory concerns.

To remain in the network, buyers and collection agencies are required to research, resolve and remediate consumer concerns and provide supporting documentation with every complaint.

DebtTrader's Unique Platform

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